Class 7 – 20m x 60m Test


Closing date last day of every month. Results issued a few days after and receive your BD test paper with full comments.

Rosettes 1st – 6th

* Long Arena League *
Champion – Likit Starter Kit + LeMieux Breakaway Headcollar + E-Riders Crystal KeyRing
Reserve Champion – Likit Starter Kit + HySCHOOL Pirouette Schooling Whip + E-Riders Crystal KeyRing
Reserve Reserve Champion – HySCHOOL Pirouette Schooling Whip + E-Riders Crystal KeyRing
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May – Prelim 15 / June – Prelim 19 / July – Prelim 17a / August – Prelim 15 / September – Prelim 19 / October – Prelim 17a


May – Novice 22 / June – Novice 23 / July – Novice 38 / August – Novice 22 / September – Novice 23 / October – Novice 38


Must be ridden in a marked out 20×60 area

Video from C landscape zooming in at A end of the arena in HD

Restrictions –

Prelim – Not to have won a Prelim or above E-Riders League

Prelim – Not to have scored 65% + in an Elementary or higher test

Novice – Open to all

Will be marked in accordance to British Dressage.

The horse’s way of going
Your horse should be relaxed, working actively forwards over a soft, supple back through to a steady, even contact.
Your horse should be straight, with the hind feet following in the line of the front feet.
He or she should work with an even bend on circles and turns.
The horse should react to the aids in a calm, responsive manner.
He should maintain the correct rhythm and a suitable tempo.
Your horse should be in balance.

See our E-Lessons for top tips.

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May Prelim 15, June Prelim 19, July Prelim 17a, May – Novice 22, June – Novice 23, July – Novice 38


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