HayGrazer E-Riders aim to be as fun, easy and flexible as possible. We pride ourselves on being able to give you the option to compete without all of the stress and costs of actually attending a venue. Also, we have the added bonus of lots of prizes and a very friendly community of competitors!

Rules and Regs – not many but they are important!

What you need to know before you enter

  1. On entering any of the classes with HayGrazer E-Riders, you accept and abide by the Rules and Terms & Conditions laid out here
  2. Any rider of 16 years of age and under must have parental permission
  3. Horse and rider combinationsmay not enter a class more than one level below their highest entry in any competition class – eg if you have entered a Novice test, you cannot enter an Intro test
  4. Entry feeswill not be refunded once an entry has been accepted HOWEVER, we are understanding here at E-Riders and if you contact us we will roll your entry into next month if needed
  5. HayGrazer E-Ridersreserves the right to refuse an entry without stating a reason (don’t worry – we most probably will never do this…but it needs to be stated just in case!)
  6. Late entries:The closing date for each competition is 23:59hrs on the last day of the month. After this time entries and videos cannot be received and no refunds will be made.
  7. Videos of tests must not be entered if they have already been judged in another competition.Any video which is suspected of having been filmed during another competition will not be accepted. In these circumstances no refund will be offered. For this reason if competition clothing is worn, then the horse or pony must wear boots or bandages (no knee boots).
  8. You are riding at your own risk, HayGrazer E-Riders take no responsibility for any injury occurred to either horse or rider whilst recording their video entry. Correct riding attire and appropriate protective wear MUST be worn
  9. Copyrightlaws must be adhered to when submitting any video footage or photographs or printed material. HayGrazer E-Riders will not be liable for any costs incurred as a result of infringement of copyright laws by any competitor or 3rd

Getting Ready To Film

  1. The person videoing needs to be standing behind C, holding your phone landscape and zooming in at the A end of the school. You need to be in a marked arena with correct measurements either on grass or in a school
  2. Ask your ‘filmer’ (kindly) to try their hardest to keep you in the centre of the screen at all times
  3. The videomust have sound – you may have a caller for the test but you may not have training help.
  4. Your video must have NO cuts. It must start at least 2 seconds before the rider enters at A and preferably 4 seconds after the rider salutes at the end.


Tack & Turnout

  1. Show attire is not required, but smart clothes and gloves must be worn. If a show jacket or hacking jacket is worn, then the horse or pony must wear boots or bandages to clearly demonstrate that the test has not been recorded at a competition.
  2. Riding hatsmust be worn. BSI Standard hats or other such protective headwear is strongly advised and compulsory for those under 18 years of age. Suitable footwear with a heel and gloves must be worn for safety reasons.
  3. Bridles– For Introductory, Preliminary and Novice tests – ordinary snaffle bridle; Elementary and above – ordinary snaffle or double bridle. Nosebands must be worn, a drop, cavesson or flash with a snaffle or a cavesson with a double bridle. Grackle nosebands may only be worn in British Eventing and Pony Club tests.
  4. Bits – BD permitted bits only, of which are: Loose ring snaffle, snaffle with jointed mouthpiece where the middle piece should be rounded, Egg-butt snaffle, D-ring or racing snaffle, Loose ring snaffle with cheeks (Fulmer), Fulmer keepers are permitted, Snaffle with upper cheeks only, Hanging cheek snaffle, Straight bar snaffle (Must be straight with no ports or raised bumps), Snaffle with rotating mouthpiece, Snaffle with rotating middle piece, rotary bit with rotating middle piece. Bombers Equestrian’s Flexible Mullen and Loose Ring Ultra Comfy, as well as eight types of Myler bit, The Happy Mouth Bit HB-6000-SP and the HB-6801-SP model are all allowed under the new rules. No bit guards are allowed
  5. Other tack:martingales, side, running or elasticised reins may not be used in any competition class
  6. Neck strapsor balancing straps (a loop on the front of the saddle) may be used at all levels in British Dressage tests. Cruppers are also allowed in British Dressage tests.
  7. Boots or bandagesare allowed to be worn
  8. Spursand a whip may also be used


Riding & Uploading your test

  1. Saluting. BD rules state you hold the reins (and whip if carried) in one hand and the other hand is lowered to the rider’s side. The rider should nod their head.
  2. Breathe, SMILE and HAVE FUN!
  3. Videos can be uploaded various ways🌟 FACEBOOK – Upload your video straight to our Fb event for the month you have entered. (You will need to join our group page first to be able to post in the event) Make sure you label the video with riders name, horses name and test your riding!

    🌟 YouTube – Upload your video to YouTube and then either post the link on the Facebook page, email it to or send it to me in a message here! I like this way as at the end of the year you will easily be able to look back over all of your videos!

    🌟 E-Rider Website – You can upload under your members area once logged in. Make sure you click the SAVE button once videos have loaded! (I will Upload your video to YouTube if you upload this way and send the link to the judges, only people on YouTube will be able to see your video, it will not be posted on Facebook)

    🌟 WeTransfer – Upload your video at and send it to (your video will stay private from the public)

    Lots and lots of ways to send your videos in and we are open to other options if you struggle with any of the above!


Judges and Results

  1. Judgesdecisions are final. No communication or discussion will be entered into by HayGrazer E-Riders, any of its representatives or the judge involved. Any objection or appeal regarding a score must be made in writing within 24 hours of the test being judged.
  2. Very rarely mistakes may be made with calculating percentages, please ensure we are notified by email within 24 hours of receipt of your test sheet and we will endeavour to rectify any errors
  3. If we have an equal result, both competitors will tie in their placing – meaning more rosettes for everyone!

Splitting Classes

  1. Classes may be split to avoid overcrowding. They will be split as follows;
    1. 21-30 entries – classes will be split randomly in 2 groups
    2. 31-40 entries – classes will be split randomly in 3 gorups
  2. IF classes are split
    1. There will be 1st – 6th rosettes for all groups
    2. There will only be ONE FIRST PRIZE, it will go to the highest score out of all 1st
    3. League points will be awarded as per normal rules to all groups